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by Daniel Spreadbury on March 7, 2012 · 3 comments

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Plug-in guru Bob Zawalich has produced another great plug-in to help with the preparation of materials for rehearsal. I’ve posted about the Rehearsal Rercordings plug-in in the past, and the new Export Audio With Count-In plug-in is something of a complementary solution.

Export Audio With Count-In creates a copy of the current score, and inserts bars at the start into which it writes suitable woodblock notes, simulating the metronome click that Sibelius itself uses during playback. By default, the plug-in then automatically exports an audio track of the copy of the score, with the count-in included at the beginning. The plug-in cleverly handles scores that begin with pick-up bars, so it will provide as many complete bars of count-in clicks you specify, plus an incomplete bar if required to lead in to the pick-up.

If you switch off the Export audio checkbox, then the plug-in simply creates a copy of the score and adds the count-in clicks for you, so you can edit the score further or use the Rehearsal Recordings plug-in to export audio files of each staff individually. If you intend to export individual audio tracks, choose the  Add count-in notes in every staff option in Export Audio With Count-In to make sure that the copied score includes count-in clicks in every staff.

As with all of Bob’s amazing plug-ins, Export Audio With Count-In is free to download and use, and works with either Sibelius 6 or Sibelius 7. If you have Sibelius 6, find out how to download and install the plug-in here. If you have Sibelius 7, use the built-in File > Plug-ins > Install Plug-ins feature to install the plug-in:

Simply choose the Export Audio With Count-In plug-in from the Playback category, choose a destination category from the Location menu, and click Install. Within a couple of seconds, the plug-in is installed and ready to go.

Thanks, as always, go to Bob Zawalich for producing this incredibly useful plug-in and releasing it for the benefit of the whole Sibelius user community.

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