Cellist Joan Jeanrenaud on Sibelius and Pro Tools

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Cellist Joan Jeanrenaud and Dohee Lee (courtesy michaelz1 on Flickr)

This past weekend, the New York Times ran a profile of cellist and composer Joan Jeanrenaud, who performed with the Kronos Quartet for more than 20 years but retired in 1999 following her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis to pursue a solo career as both performer and composer.

Jeanrenaud lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where she has been based for many years, and she focuses a lot of her energies on performing experimental music and, increasingly, writing music of her own, for which she relies upon both Sibelius and Pro Tools:

Ms. Jeanrenaud studied both improvisation and composition at Indiana, and her own music has evolved from the first to the second. She cites Morton Feldman and Alvin Lucier as compositional models and now sees herself gradually withdrawing from live performance to devote herself to writing music.

Most of her early solo work centered on her cello, extended by all manner of electronic looping and multitracking. For that she has relied on computerized assistance like Pro Tools and the Sibelius notation software. But she also writes down her music in conventional pencil-to-paper form and has produced a string quartet for the Del Sol Quartet in the Bay Area.

Joan Jeanrenaud will be performing with the Kronos Quartet for the first time in over a decade in New York tonight in Zankel Hall, as second cellist in a quintet performed for Kronos by Vladimir Martynov.

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