Sibelius compatibility with Windows 8

by Philip Rothman on January 29, 2013 · 0 comments

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The start screen from Windows 8

The start screen from Windows 8

Microsoft released Windows 8 in the fall of last year, and while its adoption rate has reportedly been slow, more and more people are using it each day—including Sibelius users.

Fortunately, Avid announced today that Sibelius 7 is fully supported on Windows 8. Previous versions of Sibelius should work as well, with some caveats. According to Avid’s Sam Butler:

I’m pleased to announce that Sibelius 7, Sibelius 7 First and their respective sound libraries run well on Windows 8 and are fully supported.

Although we haven’t qualified Sibelius 6, we couldn’t find any problems during our limited testing.

The latest versions of PhotoScore and AudioScore are fully supported, as well as the latest versions of Auralia and Musition.

This page at the official Sibelius help center gives full details.

Image attribution: Used with permission from Microsoft.


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