The big list of plug-ins

by Philip Rothman on February 4, 2016 · 1 comment

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plug-inWould you believe that there are 500 plug-ins available for download from the Sibelius web site (or, in Sibelius 7 and higher, directly from within the program)? That doesn’t even include the plug-ins that ship with Sibelius or those available from third-party sites.

I don’t have all 500 of them, but I’ve got a good several hundred, and they have saved me so much time over years of working in Sibelius. Regular readers know that we cover new and updated plug-ins regularly around here, but what if you want to discover them on your own?

It isn’t exactly easy to find what you’re looking for right now, and that discourages even many advanced users from diving deep into the plug-in pool. Hopefully in the future, plug-ins can be made more easily discoverable; adding tags to plug-ins would be a good start, if, for instance, you wanted to find all plug-ins related to “jazz” or “lyrics”. An app store for plug-ins and other add-ons might also encourage greater use (not to mention a means of compensation for the developers).

Until then, we’ve taken a modest step forward by making a comprehensive list of all Sibelius plug-ins that are available from the Sibelius download page or through Sibelius 7 or higher. As usual, the lion’s share of this effort belongs to Bob Zawalich, who, of course, is responsible for developing the majority of plug-ins that are available.

The list is sortable by name, developer, and category, and you can do a live search as well by typing at the upper-right corner of the table. We’ll try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. I’ve also added a link on the blog’s sidebar (“List of Sibelius Plug-ins”) so that the list is always a click away on any page of the blog.

Thanks to Bob for putting this list together and for allowing me to host it here.

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Sibelius download page plug-ins

by Philip Rothman on February 4, 2016 · 4 comments

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This is a list of downloadable Sibelius plug-ins, usually written by Sibelius users. These plug-ins are free, but are available on an “as is” basis, and Avid does not provide support for them. It is your responsibility to determine whether the plug-ins are suitable for your needs and use is at your own risk.

The links direct you to the files stored on Sibelius plug-in download page, where more information is available. They can be viewed alphabetically by name, or sorted by other fields.

This list was built by Bob Zawalich. There are currently 375 plugins written by Bob on the download page. For instructions on installing these plug-ins in Sibelius versions prior to 7, see the Sibelius plug-ins download page.

In Sibelius 7 and later, you can install plug-ins with File > Plug-ins > Install Plug-ins. You will need to know the category of the plug-in to find it for installation.

Last updated on: February 4, 2016. There are 500 plug-ins on the page. Due to some deletions, the highest plug-in id is 531. Read the full article →


Disable the Avid Application Manager at startup

by Philip Rothman on February 2, 2016 · 8 comments

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If you have Sibelius 8 or other recent versions of Avid applications, you’ll have noticed the new Avid Application Manager. The AAM is, according to Avid, “an instrument that facilitates all the operations that relate to application download and activation, subscription prolongation, and other product licensing activities. With Application Manager, you can manage your downloads, installs, updates, product activation procedures, support plan, subscription model, receive Avid news and advertisements, and try new offerings without having to go to Avid’s Web store.”


AAM always launches itself upon startup. However, you don’t actually need AAM to be running in order to use Sibelius. Although you can quit AAM, it will stubbornly launch itself the next time you restart or log in to your computer.

It isn’t readily apparent how to disable it from automatically launching, but it’s possible. If you don’t like processes such as AAM to be running in the background, here’s how to prevent it from doing so. Read the full article →


avid-logoAs reported yesterday by Pro Tools Expert, Avid has implemented layoffs affecting the Pro Tools team and those working on related audio products.

More from the article:

Avid, the makers of Pro Tools, have undertaken another round of layoffs affecting some key people on the Pro Tools, Venue and the wider audio teams.

Jobs have gone in Product Management, Beta and QA, Applications Engineering and Marketing. This includes teams from both the USA and Germany and may extend to other Avid offices around the world.

As is always the case this includes friends of many of the team on Pro Tools Expert, we have spoken to some of them on the phone today and as expected they are shocked by the news.

We have independently confirmed the news with Avid. The Sibelius team is unaffected by the current round of layoffs.

Joe Pearson, Sibelius product designer, told participants on the Sibelius forum that “there are no changes in the Sibelius team. Sam [Butler, senior product manager] and I are still here and our development team too remains unchanged. Now that we’ve got Sib 8.1 out of the door, we’re working hard on an update for 8.2.”

Joe further said that “We’ve got developers in Montréal, Ukraine and Poland. Product management is in the UK. There are also numerous other roles involved with Sibelius across the US and other countries. We’re quite a spread out lot! It’s sad to have lost some great colleagues, although I have little doubt they’ll land on their feet. Purely in terms of Sibelius, however, we’re full steam ahead.”


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